Ana Gašperič, 9. razred

I love everything –
I love when the sun rises,
I love when the sun goes down.

I love when we laugh,
and I love when we don’t.

I love accepting apologies,
I love people who don’t.

I love when you love me,
but hate the fact that you don’t –
I hate that you are the person,
whom I can rely on the most.

I hate when you hate me,
but love when you love me back again.
So please go love someone
who makes you feel more than okay. 


Jakob Irt, 9. razred

Hope is hope –
and people who believe in hope
believe that the world will be good
and there will be no wars between us.
And there won’t be bad mood,
girls won’t cry,
boys won’t fight.
I hope you believe in hope.


Jakob Irt, 9. razred

I believe in people who believe
and don’t give up because of bad things in life;
I believe in good things
that will lead us to more good things.
There is no rule
that can stop people
to believe in other things in life
and to believe that dreams
can come true.