It was Halloween, and there were rumours spreading around the town about the Halloween of 1991. There lived a farmer without a head. They called him the headless farmer. That farmer owned a farm. On every Halloween the farmer visited one of the houses in the town, and one person disappeared. People tend to say that the headless farmer would kill the person and store away their organs. The townspeople became more and more curious, so one night they visited the headless farmer. But not long after, they all disappeared. The fisher saw that they were all kidnapped and he called for help. Police came to the rescue as well as firefighters and a few people from the local town. But they all disappeared too. From that day on, nobody visits the farm of the headless farmer anymore. Well anyways, let’s turn our attention to this years’ Halloween. The children of the town were putting on their costumes. Only Nina, Nika, Tim and Žan decided to uncover the secret of the farm belonging to the headless farmer. Questions bounced around in their head: for example, why did he kill all those innocent people? Why doesn’t he have a head? Why does he store the organs? They seriously didn’t understand that. In their bags, they placed all of the needed items: flashlights, cameras, tape, rope. Don’t be so surprised, you never knew what you’ll need on such an adventure as this one. Soon, they slowly made their way towards the farm. “AAAAAWWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!” The wolves howled in the distance. “Aaaahhh!” Nina and Nika silently yelled. They soon reached a small house and carefully stepped inside. The door creaked, and soon fear flooded over everyone. Phew… it was just the door. On the kitchen table they spotted some dried blood. How creepy! They quickly walked to the next room, which used to be the farmers bedroom. In the corner stood an old, crumbling bed on which there were also dried blood splatters. They all went to the bathroom. There stood an old, bloody toilet, a crumbling shower and a sink full of dead rats. “Wow, this house is so old! And full of blood! EWW!” Said Nina. “I want to go out for some fresh air!” Nika looked outside of the window, staring at the dark and stormy clouds. “Guys!” She said. “It’s going to rain!” Just as she spoke, rain started pouring down as if somebody turned the shower on. “What will we do now?” Asked Tim. “You see that barn over there? Well! There’s a lot of straw and haybales inside.” Said Žan. “We can make a shelter.” They all quickly ran to the barn, making themselves a house-like structure out of hay. They all squeezed together inside to stay warm. “Turn off the lights! Don’t you hear the footsteps? They’re coming close! Quickly!” Warned Tim. They all heard footsteps and very quiet whispers. Žan was quietly watching two men in front of him. One of the two men turned on a flashlight, and Žan had to squeeze back into the others so the men wouldn’t notice him. “You know what? Those two men are the great-great-great grandsons of the headless farmer! They were just talking about something like that. And it’s their families job every Halloween.” Whispered Tim. “To kill and scare people?!” Asked Nika. “I would say so, yes.” Answered Žan. “Listen! The men left!” he said. “But what will we do now?” asked Nina. “It would be best if we call the police.” Žan answered. “But we can’t do that yet!” Nika stated. “We aren’t sure if it’s real. Did you picture the men, Žan?” “Yes, of course!” answered Žan. “Will we give their photographs to the police?” asked Nina once again. “Yes, but we need even more proof.” Spoke Tim. They heard loud screaming, before the two men left. The children peeked outside of their shelter. On the ground, there was a lot of fresh blood splattered everywhere. “EWW! So gross!” Nina screamed. “Quick! Run! Run!” everybody sprinted back to the town as quickly as they could. They all ran to the nearest police station, explaining everything they could in great detail. The policemen got the two men behind bars and cuffs. The children were relieved.  “Now I hope that nobody will ever mention the headless farmer again.” Sighed Tim. But a lot of stories and legends awaited them. The children celebrated that day together. People heard of the four children that uncovered the secret of the headless farmer, and named that Halloween ´the Halloween of the four children’. That was the creepiest, most interesting and definitely the scariest experience of their lives, but many new and interesting and fun adventures still await them. THE END!

Prevedla Ema Hudak, 7. razred



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